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Shipping Policy


I do offer same business day send-out on all items that are not already sold out or are not a part of pre-orders, As it is just EGgS doing the packing up the orders, and then sending out/driving to the post office.

Also, Items must be bought between 6am and 4pm Mon-Fri

and 8am to 12pm Saturday,


*Same-day send-out is not available on Sunday.

Returns Policy


I only accept returns if product is truly and completely destroyed when it is first pulled out of the box and complaintint must send photographic evidence to me through the forum labbled "Is this Returnable?". I will then  send you a replacement and notify you that it has been sent.

*Half-price on shipping costs. And EGgS covers the rest to send Replacement if it is shipped with in the United States.

Payment Methods


Credit / Debit Cards



  • Why do you only do half-price returns in the United States?
    EGgS's Answer: Because I need to eat and pay for gas.
  • Is anybody able to access the forum titled "Is this Returnable?"
    EGgS's Answer: It should be if I managed to set it up right.
  • Can you get same day shipping on comics the day after the pre-order is done?
    EGgS's Answer: Short answer, NO!! Long answer, Pre-order is the amount that I must sell to make even, and although I will absolutely have more than the pre-order number printed and ready. I will be using at least the next 7-8 days to organize both the pre-orders I have on this site and the pre-orders that were made by people who helped fund the comic on my Ko-Fi.
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