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Abbreviation and Alias

About EGgS

Artist eating Giant sushi

EGgS is a Queer, Neurodivergent, Cartoonist and Illustrator, from O’Fallon Missouri. And is an undergrad Comic Art and Narrative major at Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio. She is the creator of the webcomic Wacky Fights and draws way too many anthropomorphic animals to not be considered a furry. But when they are not drawing animals, or watching YouTube. They are researching Mental Health, Disabilities, and anything and everything related to the LGBTQIA+ community. Her goals are to spread information about these topics by writing stories and characters that both entertain and excite, while not having it be stereotypes that are made from the big corporation. So let's tell Stories.



Living Word Christian Preschool, O’Fallon MO - Freelance Job
January 2023- Present
I was commissioned by the Director of the Preschool to design seasonal sheets of  stickers for the teachers to use in teaching students numbers and counting. 


What I will do:

  • Fursonas

  • Comics: both Digital and Traditional

         Script Writing


  • Illustrations: both Digital and Traditional


  • Character Design: both Digital and Traditional


  • Sticker Design: Digital ONLY


  • Graphic Designs for T-Shirts: Digital ONLY

         Branding Design


Things I will draw but there are limits:

  • NSFW comics and Illustrations

  • Sex

  • Death


What I won’t do no matter how much you are paying: 

  • NFT”s

  • Drawings to be used for Ai Artist

  • Propaganda

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